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B.A., M.A. UC Berkeley


Atlanta Review — "Tomales Bay"
The Banyan Review"Flame," "His Pal, Honey," "Keeping My Lamp Trimmed," "Catrina"
Berkeley Public Library — "Snow on High Desert"
Berkeley Times — "Chronic Condition"
Birdland Journal — "Grover Hot Springs, #33," "Wren," "Ring," "Still Hunting," "Agave,"
       "A Real Thing," "Delete, Save"
Catamaran — "Old Words, Old Wood"
Chautauqua — "White-Headed Woodpecker". Here is Kathe reading the poem and its attending interview.
The Citadel — "Reading AARP Magazine"
Collateral — "Fruit on Fire"
Comstock Review — "Calf Creek," "Fire Season," "Daughter in the Valley," "Without," "Mother's Day,"
       "Catastrophic Molt," "Washing the Body"
Connecticut Poetry Society — "White Flag." Connecticut Poetry Award
Crosswinds — "The Tea Buyer's Wife," "In the Offing," "Thanksgiving"
Montreal Serai"Thread," "Refuge" plus Kathryn's photos
Montreal Serai"Lava Tube," "There Was a Wind," "Gather" plus Kathryn's photos
New Ohio Review — "Northern Flicker," "The Helms Man"
Oberon — "Social Distancing"
Panoply — "Raven," "Cormorant"
Roar Feminist — "The Appointment"
San Diego Poetry Annual, "It's Just That I Hate Las Vegas," "What I Forgot,"
       "The Good I Did Not Do" (forthcoming)
The Sun — "My Late Breast," "Tricks"
Wraparound South — "Blood Letting"

Books & Anthologies

Riding Waves, by Kathryn Jordan (Finishing Line Press)
Upside Down and From Below, (Marin Poetry Center Anthology), "Washing the Body"
Writers Reflecting on Crisis, (St. Mary's College) "Grover Hot Springs, #33"
Whispers in the the Threads (by Lena Bartula) "Psalm"
Solamente en San Miguel (Parroquia Press) "Mesquite Y Nopal"
Through the Glass Darkly (editor, Claire Heinzelman) "Gloaming Time," "Wine Bar"
Transformations (Marin Poetry Center) "The Helms Man"
Identity and the Self (Marin Poetry Center) "In Her Bed of Stars"


Birdy Prize, 2023, Finalist - "Washing the Body" (Meadowlark Press)
Connecticut Poetry Award, 2022, Third Place - "White Flag"
Patricia Dobler Poetry Award, 2021, Finalist - "Kingfisher" (Lee Ann Roripaugh)
Muriel Craft Bailey Memorial Award, 2021, Special Merit - "Washing the Body" and
       "Catastrophic Molt" (Juan Felipe Herrera)
Muriel Craft Bailey Memorial Award, 2020 - "Without," "Mother's Day," Special Merit (Maggie Smith)
Steve Kowit Poetry Contest, 2021, Honorable Mention - "It's Just That I Hate Las Vegas" and
       "What I Forgot" (Dorianne Laux)
Sidney Lanier Poetry Competition - "Time's Calculus"
San Miguel de Allende Writers' Conference Prize - "Tape"
Crossroads Writer's Contest - "After Watching Ken Burns' Vietnam" (Richard Blanco)
Elizabeth Mills Crothers Prize for Short Story - "Cookie"

Kathryn was nominated for "Best of the Net," 2019 and was a finalist for 2019 Tucson Festival of Books Literary Prize, the New Ohio Review Poetry Prize, and Comstock Review's Jessie Bryce Niles Chapbook Contest.